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Why Sharingan Eyes are the Right Accessories

Why Sharingan Eyes are the Right Accessories

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series around the world. Not only has it broken into our homes through the television set, it has also influenced the world of toys, hairstyles, and fashion. In every costume plays, you will always see someone who is dressed up as one of the characters in Naruto, whether it is Naruto himself, his teacher Kakashi Hatake, or even his rival Sasuke Uchiha.

Among the Naruto characters, members of the Uchiha clan are almost always the inspiration for the costumes you see in cosplays. The distinct feature in these Uchiha clan members are their eyes, which posses the unique design in them called the Sharingan.

In Naruto, the Sharingan is an genetic trait among all Uchiha clan members that makes their eyes almost always shaded in the color red, but with different designs and patterns. Literally meaning “Copy Wheel Eye,” the Sharingan enables the person to have different abilities and skills, such as deeper and clearer perception – which allows them to follow the moves of a swift-moving object or person – and hypnosis.

The famous skill it can impart to a person is the ability to mimic or copy the movements and skills of the opponent and use these movements as his own to defeat the challenger. Because of the Sharingan, the Uchiha clan is reputed to be a family of ninjas whose skills are very exceptional.

The common design in Sharingan eyes is the red eye with a thin dark line surrounding the pupil. According to the skill of the person, a number of comma-shaped forms are found in the eyes. If the person is very powerful and skillful, the commas in the eye will join together and form a sort of design, such as a star, a shuriken-like shape, and many others.

Shopping for contact lenses that have these designs can be a little difficult, all the more that only a few stores sell them. If the Halloween party is nearing already, and you have not yet found those Sharingan contact lenses you want, then you are at the right place. The Naruto series contact lenses will show you a wide selection of Sharingan eyes you can choose from.

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The Sharingan eyes are also perfect for cosplays and other costume parties, especially when you are going as one member of the Uchiha clan. While some people just slip on some plain red contact lenses to achieve the look, with Animation Lens in our store, you can be an Uchiha clan member yourself. You can buy these contact lenses without prescription, so there will be no hassle in visiting the optometrist’s office before getting yourself a pair of these cool contact lenses. So be the standout in any costume parties with those blazing red Sharingan eyes.



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