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The Rise of the Circle Lenses

The Rise of the Circle Lenses


So what’s the big deal about these circle lenses, anyway? Why are so many people trying to snag them?

If you’re not really updated when it comes to contact lens styles, then here’s a true-blue fact for you: circle lenses are the “in” thing nowadays. Why? It’s because these beauties are especially designed to make your eyes (particularly your iris) look bigger and wider, to achieve that innocent yet sexy look. The color of the lenses cover most of the area, going beyond the iris and giving an impression that your eyes are larger than they really are.

Just how popular are circle lenses? In Japan, Taiwan, and Korea alone, there are about 800,000 girls wearing circle lenses of varying colors to match their moods and ensembles. This then goes to say that circle lenses are not just a medical must-have they are also a fashion staple! With a variety of stunning colors designed to make your eyes stand out, you can be sure that you’ll look more interesting and eye-catching when you wear contact lenses.

Celebrities all over the world make use of circle lenses, from Taiwanese singer/actress Cyndi Wang to Hollywood fixtures such as Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Ali Lohan. They not only wear them for medical purposes, but they also wear them for work (such as Robert Pattinson in the Twilight series) and social events. 


Given this rising popularity, it is clear that circle lenses are the fashion discovery of the season. Gone are the days when looking great face-wise was all about the make up. Now, the color of your eyes can help you make a delicious fashion statement, too. The circle lens fashion craze is spreading all over the world from North America to Europe! Young girls are constantly collecting various colors of circle lenses to accommodate their ever-increasing wardrobe.

A great thing about circle lenses and probably one of the reasons why so many young girls love them so much is that it allows them to be who they want to be according to their moods. They can go for a cool baby blue for a classic and innocent look, a dark brown for a girl-next-door vibe, or even a patterned one for a hip, bold and edgy party appeal.

At the end of the day, this much is clear: circle lenses are a great way for young girls to show off their personalities and their wardrobes. Thanks to circle lenses, they can now go out and meet up with their friends without having to pile on a load of makeup. They can simply put on their circle lenses, and let these beauties do all the talking for them. The best thing about this is that they can be different each day!



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