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Lenses for Winter

Lenses for Winter

Stay Cool This Winter with Colored Contacts


It is always just the right blend of cold, freezing weather and snow fall intermingled with the warmth and joy of celebrating the holidays with family. This is what makes Winter such a cool season for everyone – kids and adults alike.


Don’t you wish you were as “cool” as Christmas? Well, you can be. Again, it is a matter of knowing how to carry yourself.


Do not try to hard, but do take pains to check what you wear. You can be fashionable even while trying to keep warm.


What better way is there to be fashionable than through your clothes and accessories? In fact, a simple pair of contact lenses may spell a difference in your look!


How? Read on for a few tips on contact lenses as aids to beautify yourself during the holidays.


Perfect for this Season:


Blue and violet are good colors for winter. Aside from seemingly matching the “mood” of the season, they also can be paired with various coats or jackets and hats.


1. Bonita Violet Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Bonita-Violet.html)


The design of these lenses seems to resemble the blizzards and snowstorms that are so characteristic of winter. The only difference lies in color.


The irregularly shaped violet hues that fill the lenses make the eyes look deep and mysterious. The color also appears majestic to its viewer, making it all the more enticing.


You can even blend an intimidating, strong look with radiant elegance by pairing these lenses with black leather jackets and boots!


2. Diamond Blue Circle Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Diamond-Blue-Circle-Lenses.html)


Whoever said “diamonds are forever” might actually know what he was talking about. After all, people do get enchanted with diamonds.


Take this same appeal and put it into a pair of contact lenses and you have these Diamond Blue Circles. These different hues of blue and white are framed in a dark blue outer circle that is sure to make your pupils glow.


These blue lenses would be great with a white outfit. You can easily be mistaken for a Snow Queen with these!


3. Hurrican Blue Contact Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Hurricane-Blue.html)


The name of these lenses might be fitting for the winter season but its design is timeless. It can show people your intensity yet its swirls can be surprisingly calming as well.


Pair these with natural tones and you are good to go – be it on that dream date or that family reunion.


As a final note, remember that your eyes can get drier during the winter. To prevent this, make sure that you change lenses from time to time (which means more chance to innovate your look!) and to carry eye drops with you.


With that, you can stay warm and stay cool at the same time!



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