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Lenses for Summer

Lenses for Summer

Summer Loving: Contact Lenses to Make You Sizzle


When you feel the sun shining fiercely over your head and experience that intense heat, you know it is summer. While you are finding ways to cool down, why don’t you take the opportunity to look as hot as the season?


Fun in the Sun


You know what to do. Take out your favorite tops and shorts – all the comfortable clothes that make you look gorgeous. Then hit the beach, play sports or jog around a nearby park.


While enjoying, do not forget to protect yourself. Put some sun block or get a drink of water to cool down. Your eyes need protection from ultra violet rays as well.


For this, did you know that contact lenses actually help? Some lenses have the capacity to absorb radiation, thereby reducing the amount of rays that reach the eye surface. Make sure you choose the safe lenses to protect you!


Aside from protection, why not use the lenses for beautification at the same time? Let them enhance the way you look this summer!


Perfect for this Season:


Since summer promises sunshine and bright days ahead, pair it up with vivid red and pink lenses that can make you shine! Check these out!


1. Adult Pink Circle Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Adult-Pink-Circle-Lenses.html)


Let’s start with something basic. This one’s a cotton-candy pink pair of lenses that has a simple pattern. You wear it and you get a sparkle that belongs exclusively to you.


Even if you wear simple colors to match this, you definitely will not look dull.


2. Flower Pink Circle Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Flower-Pink-Circle-Lenses.html)


If you love expressing your nature-lover self in subtle ways, do so by putting a pair of these flower-patterned pink lenses in your eyes.


These lenses – from its pink color to its small red details – are like real petals that surround your pupil. This design makes your eyes “bloom” with animated colors and varied hues.


Why not pair these lenses with floral dresses or skirts? This design, coupled with your lenses, gives off a flowing, vibrant feel to anyone who sees them.


3. Glow UV Pink Contact Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Glow-UV-Pink-Contact-Lenses.html)


Of course, summer can never be complete without going out, partying and mingling with other people. Be it in a concert, club or bar; ensure that you stand out by wearing these lenses!


True to its name, the lenses really glow even in dark clubs where it is so hard to see another person’s face. This allows you to show the beauty and intensity of your eyes to everyone else in the room.


Even if you were sexy black clothes with these lenses, you would still undoubtedly glow. Don’t forget to wink!



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