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Lenses for Spring

Lenses for Spring

Spring Fever: Fall in Love with Spring-Colored Lenses


Spring always gives you that vibrant, happy feeling brought by sprouting flowers and emerging green leaves on trees. It is a time when everything seems to be enjoying a new life.


The same is true for people. Everyone feels a certain cheerfulness and sense of gaiety. Do you feel this way as well? Do communicate this happy vibe to others!


How? Simple, by spreading the joy in what you say, what you do and even how you dress. It is simple and it can surely brighten someone else’s day. Smile a lot and flash those twinkling eyes!


Epitomizing that Bubbly Spring Aura


People can look at you and see spring come to life! Just remember to see things in light of new life, second chances and re-emergences.


Let this mood influence what you wear. Take out the winter wardrobe of jackets or coats and replace them with colorful dresses and tops. Add a twist to your spring wardrobe by trying out colored contact lenses with different outfits as well!


Perfect for this Season:


Here are some tips for outfits with colored contact lenses to match!


1. Flower Green Circle Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Flower-Green-Circle-Lenses.html)


Bright emerald green in color, these pretty lenses project a glisten that no one can overlook – or resist. The lenses’ petal patterns echo the mood of blooming flowers of the season.


These lenses are sure to work perfectly with yellow, green, red or light blue outfits to give out a sunshiny vibe that can make others smile!


2. Barbie Eye Green Color Contact Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Barbie-Eye-Green-Color-Contact-Lenses.htmlSd)


These lenses are 15.8mm in diameter – over 1.8mm more than the average lens size. This makes it easy for your eyes to look alert instead of droopy, making you appear full of life!


Its swirly patterns are resemblant of nature itself. These patterns combine with the your natural eye color (green or not) to create complex hues that can make your eyes look deep set.


Pair these with a simple top and shorts and you are ready to wow everyone else!


3. Avatar Contact Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Avatar-Contact-Lenses.html)


Inspired by the epic Science fiction, Avatar Lenses are sure to show off your unique side to everyone else. It is a jade-like, distinct shade of green that seems shout brilliance and intensity.


Couple these lenses with a cutting-edge outfit you have never tried before. What about striped knee-socks or a wacky hairdo? Style yourself creatively!


There are many more lenses available online. Just look around and see what works best for you.


It takes a lot of guts to set yourself apart from the rest. Take that first step by re-inventing yourself with these suggestions when spring comes! After all, isn’t spring all about new beginnings?



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