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Lenses for Autumn

Lenses for Autumn

Autumn: Let Men Fall Like Leaves Fall!


Autumn is that time of year when everything seems to take on a melancholic mood tingled with sweet romance. Its falling leaves seem to hold a spell that binds people.


Take this opportunity to meet your match by getting more people to notice you! Aside from the plethora of cold weather clothing that you can wear to attract others, do enhance a natural asset – your own eyes. This article will show you how.


Brown Can Be Beautiful


Brown is often regarded as a common color – especially for the eyes. Here is the good news: brown is actually a very “in” color during autumn.


Whether you are a naturally brown-eyed girl or a blue, hazelnut or grey-eyed beauty, you can take advantage of the season with colored contact lenses!


Perfect for this Season:


How exactly do you attract romance? These suggestions for what to wear in your body and in your eyes may help you:


1. MI Magic Brown Black Toric Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/MI-Magic-Brown-Black-Toric-Lenses.html)


This pair of lenses is brown set in a black frame. It is designed so to enhance the color of the pupil and make it look larger – no matter what your original eye color is.


The “magic” lies herein; these lenses make your eyes look big and deep so that when a lover or even a friend looks into your eyes, they see the sincerity and friendliness that you possess – making them want to share themselves with you!


Wear these with natural, earth tones that can make you appear modest yet elegant.


2. Forest Brown Circle Lenses (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Forest-Brown-Circle-Lenses.html)


Hopeless romantics probably can’t help but associate autumn with long walks on a park filled with orange leaves, with tall trees and the gentle breeze as a backdrop.


Well, these lenses perfectly fit that mood. You can wear them with a lightly-colored coat and a bonnet for that dream walk together.


With its light shade of brown and black details framed in black circle that highlights your pupil, the person you are walking with is sure to have a hard time deciding which is more enchanting – the forest or your eyes.


3. Twins Brown Circle Contacts (find them at: http://www.dbeautyshop.com/products/Twins-Brown-Circle-Contacts.html)


Have you ever wondered how some people seem able to proclaim their uniqueness and character in a subtle yet pronounced manner? Have you ever wanted to do the same?


Maybe these lenses can help you. This pair is consists of a brown frame that surrounds the outer part of your pupil coupled with orange on its inner circle. It also has varied hues of brown that make the lenses not too “loud” and not too “subtle” either. In short, it does make you stand out.


So take a natural color and turn it into something that wows all others. May you find love in the process as well.



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