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How to Buy

Payment Type Accepted

  1. Major credit cards such as Visa & MasterCard via PayPal. (Not required to have PayPal account) **
  2. PayPal
  3. Western Union (if you don't have credit card and PayPal account)

PayPal, the world's #1 online payment service, is accepted on over 3 million eBay(TM) auctions and by thousands of online shops. Over 17 million people in 38 countries worldwide use PayPal.

How to Make Credit Card Payment via PayPal

If your purchase amount is not too big, you can directly pay credit card through PayPal without registering any account with it.

If your purchase amount is over $60 or $100, PayPal mostly require you to register an account with them before you can purchase with your credit card.

After registering an account, PayPal will ask you to key in the activation code comes in your next Credit card statement. Once you got it, just go to verify it with PayPal.


To shorten the waiting period, you can call your Card issuer company to acquire activation code
(so that you don't need to wait for the bank statement that may only reach you 2 weeks later.)

Below follow the steps to buy products