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How Your Favorite Celebrities Wear Their Colored Contact Lenses

How Your Favorite Celebrities Wear Their Colored Contact Lenses

How do you know when a fashion accessory has become a global craze?

The answer: when celebrities start wearing them! 

It’s true—colored lenses are now finding their way into the homes of some of your favorite Hollywood celebrities. Ever since colored contacts started becoming more popular amongst young Asian girls, these beautiful and gorgeous Hollywood A-listers have sat up and taken notice of how powerful the effect of a colored contact lens is against your skin and with your choice of outfit.


Amber Rose 

More popularly known as Kanye West’s girlfriend, Amber Rose is a model and a fixture at many parties and social events. As a model and partyphile, Amber Rose is used to getting changed into many different ensembles—including eye contacts! Her natural eye color is dark brown or black, but sometimes she’ll come up with really wild eye colors, such as pale blue, which makes her appear more striking and interesting.


Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is one of Hollywood’s most celebrated handsome male stars and has appeared in many major flicks worldwide. In his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings saga, he had to make use of contacts to fit into and portray the role perfectly. From his natural brown eyes, he switched to blue.



Tom Cruise

Yes, even one of the most gorgeous men in Hollywood had to wear contacts once upon a time! When Tom Cruise played the role of a vampire, he had to wear contacts that would make him appear dangerously sexy. From beautiful brown eyes, he became gloriously vampiric in pale gold/onyx contacts. However, he prefers to stay au natural these days as he enjoys as happy family life with wife Katie and daughter Suri.


Paris Hilton

Ever the party-hopping socialite, Paris Hilton is always fashionably chic—and that includes her choice of eye color! She is particularly fond of blue contacts with black edging, which makes her appear more ethereal and hip, no matter what ensemble she wears along with them.


Tyra Banks

Former supermodel and current TV host Tyra Banks shot to fame with her trademark facial features and “schmizing” eyes (eyes that smile). Her eyes constantly change color—her natural shade is a sort of greenish-brown, and yet there are times when they appear to be a purer hue of green.


Demi Lovato

One of Hollywood’s favorite teen icons and performers, Demi Lovato has also been seen sporting nifty colored lenses, having already bought some with her mom in tow! She is most famous for her starring role in Disney musical film Camp Rock and for singing in tandem with the handsome Jonas brothers.


Jennifer Aniston

Probably one of the most iconic Hollywood celebrities in the 21st century, Jennifer Aniston is nothing short of gorgeous. However, that doesn’t stop her from being more fashionably creative with her looks, especially when it comes to eye color! While her natural eye color is brown, she is often seen with a set of blue eyes, which is rumored to be her preferred eye color.


Vin Diesel

Yes, this rugged and handsomely built man has worn special contacts for one of his films. In the Chronicles of Riddick, he stars as wanted criminal Riddick, who finds himself fighting against an army of Necromongers who have an uncontested hatred for the human race. There he wears translucent-looking contacts that made him appear fascinating and mysterious.


Megan Fox

One of the hottest young women in Hollywood today, Megan Fox has primarily found success in the Transformers saga, where she stars opposite hottie Shia Le Bouf. It is said that her natural eye color is really hazel, but she prefers to wear blue eye contacts for a more striking effect, which looks lovely against her pale complexion and dark hair.


Hayden Panettiere

The celebrated Heroes star wears contacts too! Hayden Panettiere openly confessed her love for colored contacts, which she considers a fashion must-have especially on the red carpet. While she has not explicitly mentioned which colored contacts she has, she has raved about them constantly as something that she definitely needs to have when she’s about to have a major night out socializing and being in front of the camera.


Penelope Cruz

Hot Latina celebrity Penelope Cruz is also a big fan of colored contacts. She was born with naturally beautiful brown eyes, but sometimes she likes to play it up with other colors, combined with interesting and sexy ensembles.


Ali Lohan

Lindsay’s younger sister Ali Lohan is certainly following in the footsteps of her older sister in terms of fashion choices. While still a young lady, she is slowly showing the rest of the world how bold she can be in terms of fashion and dressing—and this includes her eye color! One of her more interesting choices is gray, which looks absolutely gorgeous against her complexion and dark mane of hair.


We could go on and on and on, but the bottom line is this: when you see celebrities constantly endeavoring to put on a different set of colored contacts each day, you know the item has become an instant fashion staple. Let’s face it: colored contacts are wildly fashionable and are probably here to stay. Why? Because aside from being good for the eyes (particularly for those who really can’t see well and need them for medical purposes), colored eye contacts are a great way to self-express. You can dress your eyes up according to your mood and you can even coordinate it with the rest of your outfit!

At the end of the day, we rest our case: there is something amazing to be said about colored eye contacts, probably one of the more popular medical must-haves that have somehow found their way into the world of fashion. If you are someone who loves to express himself or herself through interesting fashion choices, colored eye contacts may just be the thing for you. Give them a try and see what they can do for your look!



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