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Bigger Better Eyes with Korean Eyelid Surgery

Bigger Better Eyes with Korean Eyelid Surgery

Have you ever wished to become one of those girls who effortlessly catch rapt attention with the depth and size of their eyes? They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and girls with bigger eyes do seem to have the advantage. Looking into a pair of big, clear and expressive eyes is definitely an amazing experience.

Asian women, particularly Koreans, will have a problem with this as they are naturally born with a smaller set of eyes. This, however, does not go to say that small eyes are not beautiful at all! In fact, there is something very mysterious yet expressive about smaller eyes. But for Koreans who would like the chance to express themselves through bigger eyes, a solution exists for you: Korean eyelid surgery.

Korean eyelid surgery is one of the best options for Koreans who would like to make their eyes look bigger by adjusting their eyelids. This is done by adding a crease to the upper eyelid, which then divides it into two sections. The effect makes the eye look much bigger, in a subtle yet natural kind of way. 

However, this is not to say that Korean eyelid surgery is for everyone. In fact, it is strongly recommended that one should consult a plastic surgeon first before signing up for the procedure. The doctor should then check how much excess fat and skin there is on each eyelid, because in the case that there isn’t enough skin to create a crease, sutures will have to be made. 

For those who feel that Korean eyelid surgery may be too drastic, another option to try is to just get nice contact lenses. Did you know that certain types of contact lenses will help make your eyes look bigger? One of these is the circle lens. These lenses are created to increase eye size by covering areas beyond the iris with color, thus making the area look larger and more expressive.

There are a lot of different types of circle lenses and colors and patterns that a young person can choose from, and in this way, circle lenses can also be a fashionable wardrobe statement instead of just something to increase eye size. You can choose an eye color according to your mood or your attire, making each day a fun and unpredictable one for you, your family and your friends!

If you haven’t given circle lenses a try yet, you should. 800,000 other young ladies in Asia have done so and have never looked back! Circle lenses are increasing in popularity and serve as a viable alternative to surgery, especially if you don’t yet have the budget to go through it. What do you say?



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